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Zephyr Alpha Numero Set -1


In stock.

The Zephyr Alpha Numero Jar-1 is a veritable treasure of 49 fancy alphabets in capitals and numbers which provide your kid a large number of enjoyable choices to prepare them as they prefer in any mixture.
Oldsters will also be relax confident that the fabric is completely protected and non-poisonous. The magnetic characteristic lets in the kid to join the figures quickly and in any mixture.
Capital Alphabets in Shiny Colours and Comfy measurement. Simply recognizable, Strong, No sharp edges and magnetized. Perfect reward from a mom to her kid.
100 % protected, non poisonous and magnetic
No sharp edges The alphabets and numbers are shaped with rounded edges to supply an damage-unfastened and protected playtime on your kids.
49 Fancy Capital Alphabets & numbers
Simply recognizable and durable
The daring shapes of the alphabets and numbers permit the kid to simply determine what the figures constitute. The powerful and durable subject material guarantees sturdiness and lengthy-hours of play.
Alphabet & Quantity Popularity, Reminiscence Construction, Downside Fixing

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