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Play Panda

Play Panda Brain Booster Set 3 – 56 puzzles designed to


In stock.

Remedy 56 puzzles designed to problem the Mind. Each, children and oldsters will in finding Mind Booster very attractive. The entire circle of relatives can come in combination to resolve the puzzles and notice who can Remedy the puzzles the quickest.
Mind Booster puzzles supercharge the Mind. A typical use of those puzzles boosts IQ and improves spatial pondering and logical pondering abilities.
How you can play ? Pick out one trend from the puzzle ebook. Organize the 9 magnetic shapes to check the trend. Take a look at the answer within the answer ebook.
Mind Booster puzzles are appropriate for Each girls and boys (age 6+). Even older children, age 10 – 15, will revel in difficult their Mind. It guarantees hours of a laugh with family and friends.
Every set contains 9 Magnetic shapes (either side magnetic), a magnetic canvas (9X9 inches), a puzzle ebook with 56 puzzles, an answer ebook with 56 answers.

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