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Laley Baby Carry/Carrier Bag with Safety Belt | Baby Carrier


In stock.

At ease Really feel Simple adjustable huge padded shoulder straps with breathable mesh material lining, for the figure’s comfort and comfort
Horizontal Freedom Our child service has adjustable buckles, straps and waistband, to suit other frame varieties. It’s designed to suit all sizes.
Dealing with Out Our waistband guarantees child’s weight does no longer placed drive for your Again and shoulders, making it very At ease for two-three hours of use.
Piggy Bag Adjustable facet establishing buckle, to make sure Protection
Delicate And Breathable: Way to the breathable mesh at the entrance, our kangaroo bag provides higher air flow and lines an adjustable layout to give you the very best have compatibility for youngsters elderly zero-three years that weigh as much as four-15 Kgs
Options: Adjustable Shoulder Belt, Double-Coverage Protection Buckle, 3-d Ventilating Again Pad

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