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LADWA 3 Pieces Baby Safety & Baby proofing Flexible Nylon


In stock.

FOR SECURE ADHESION- Blank the skin with rainy and dry material to verify no mud or dust on floor ahead of sticking the goods and make sure the product isn’t disturbed for no less than 24 hours after pasting for just right Adhesion.
SAFETY COMES FIRST: While your young ones get started taking their first steps, you understand it’s time to make your home a secure atmosphere for them. With those good protection locks you’ll successfully offer protection to your kid from gaining access to a few undesirable home goods.
MULTI PURPOSE SAFETY STRAPS USES: Ensure that your child or infant is secure through securing cupboards, home equipment, drawers, fridge, trash bin, rest room seat and extra. With those kid locks you’ll additionally stay your stuff well arranged as your curious kid can’t succeed in it!
CONVENIENT AND DURABLE: Simple sufficient for adults to open the drawer locks however laborious for small children and children. It is sensible while you handiest have one hand to be had. The kid protection locks were upgraded to resist the pulls and tugs of small children and youngsters, that is more potent and tougher in comparison to vintage child proofing locks.

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