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HANNEA® Adult Bibs,Waterproof, 1 Piece with Leakproof Pocket


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[Adult Bibs] ? Those adults’ bibs Simple and light-weight. Those are ideal for each and every nursing houses, Aged facility, and houses the place there are Aged and disabled adults. Covers a big space for efficient coverage.
[Keeps Clothes Clean Large Area] – Those bibs degree 43x36cm(L * W). It protects in opposition to spills all the way through foods or messy initiatives. It protects the garments, and catches spills and drooling’s. That is huge and lengthy sufficient to hide the highest space of any grownup. Best for all sorts of adults with disabilities, climate they’re in a wheelchair, mattress or no longer. Protects in opposition to spills.
[Easy Hook & Loop Closure] – Simple and relaxed to place on and shut with the hook & loop closure. The velcro closure is essentially the most handy and fast. It is going to be tightly closed, and it remains Best even after washing more than one occasions.
[Reusable] – You are able to wash and reuse this bib over and over, not more losing cash on in poor health-installing disposable bibs.
[Widely Application] – Best for the Aged, affected person, bedridden, convalescents, disabled, grownup, spill protector, supper time apparel Protector, and so on.

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