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Haakaa Milk Pump for Breastfeeding Silicone Breastmilk Collector


Usually dispatched in 2 to 3 days.

Twin-makes use of, as a breast pump and milk collector, reinforce improve revel in. Haakaa New Milk Saver meets haaka mothers extra lactation wishes. A brand new form of multifunctional breast pump and milk collector is greater than the normal milk collector however is more uncomplicated to hold round than a handbook breast pump.
It’s protected and relaxed to make use of in nursing bra. The intense Cushy silicone subject matter may totally comply with breast pores and skin. Whilst the highest plug is stoppered, the sealing and force may supply a definite herbal suction for breastmilk expression. While you best wish to use as a milk collector, you need to open the stopper in order that the breastmilk may obviously float out with none force.
Refused to be bulky. We want extra simple form however pragmatic. The entire Haakaa Milk Saver has no spare portions. All-in-one layout and no disassemble required. Made from one hundred% meals grade silicone. No BPA, PVC and phthalate. Cushy however springy, now not simple to deform. It’s really easy to scrub it via boiling water for 1-2 mins. The brand new haakaa milk saver makes breastfeeding more uncomplicated and relaxing.
Quiet operating, no noise and no disturbance. Despite the fact that you’re pumping or accumulating breastmilk within the open air or in a public room, the use of haakaa milk saver received’t embarrass different or your self. Approximately 60 grams(zero.13 lb) weight of the haakaa milk saver permits you to put on with none overseas feeling and force. Intently suits the breast pores and skin with out lacking any treasured breast milk.
Disregard the heavy, inconvenient electrical breast pump. Check out The brand new haakaa milk saver. Really feel relaxed and protected to painless breastmilk pumping. Keep away from nipples operating beneath over the top force. The clinical suction mode makes it more uncomplicated to get breastmilk out of your frame. Progressively suck the breastmilk and regain your mild frame.

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