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Funkido Carry Cot Cum Bouncer – 10 in 1 – Feeding


In stock.

>> Multipurpose Lift cot, can be utilized as a Swing, Rocker, Feeding Chair, Lift cot, Bathing chair, Striking Hammock, Rocker with solar coloration and mosquito internet, bouncer, Child chair.
>> Protection High quality Plastic , Cloth used and An excellent present for brand spanking new born Child.
>> Cushy and comfortable Cot detachable duvet Top of the range ropes used Light-weight layout with facet affect coverage for convenience of your Child.
>> Simple to hold 3 aspect Protection harness Comes with built in cover to offer highest coverage for your Child below daylight.
>> Word: PRINT & COLOUR of the material of the Lift Cot/Bouncer added might range matter to inventory availability.

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