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Cozy Cuddle

Cozy Cuddle Super Soft Swaddle Blanket for Infants New-born Unisex


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WHY CHOOSE MUSLIN-Muslin is a gem for Child product identified for a more secure selection to different materials to offer protection to Child from overheating as the fabric is light-weight, breathable and helps to keep keep an eye on Child’s frame temperature.
Reinforce slumbering & slumbering time: Facilitate slumbering time to your Child with our swaddling wraps. Without equal apparel put on that each one new mommies actually want. Create a calming and nurturing womb-like feeling to your little angel. Stay them protected, sound, comfortable and at ease all day and night time Lengthy. Decrease nagging, save you the startle reflex and face scratching, soothe colic’s and calm your Child
Pores and skin pleasant & Breathable – Perfect to be used on Child’s Comfortable Pores and skin, our cotton may be breathable, selling a deep, relaxed sleep to your Child and regulates Child frame temperature. The open weave in it intensifies the breathability and decreases the danger of overheating
Anti-Micro organism / Anti Allergic- Comfortable and protected for delicate Pores and skin for young children as it’s totally unfastened from damaging toxics which can be primary result in of Pores and skin inflammation in youngsters.
Multipurpose: The multi-function use of swaddle as burp material, nursing quilt, Child mat, receiving blankets, stroller quilt and Child blankets makes it a flexible Child product. They’re appropriate for each girls and boys and is relaxed on Child’s Pores and skin and does no longer result in any pain or inflammation.
Further Comfortable – Our swaddles are comprised of one hundred% cotton muslin; folks will in finding the swaddle softer and gentler on their Child’s Pores and skin when put next with a standard cotton. Our muslin swaddle is delicate on even essentially the most delicate Pores and skin. The blanket with each and every wash will get softer and softer and extra relaxed to your Child’s refined Pores and skin.
Lengthy lasting & climate evidence: Those muslin swaddles are perfect for all seasons be it iciness or summer time. It offers related convenience and softness to Child right through sleep, play or walking. Your baby will love the layout and colour of swaddle.
Highest Child Bathe Reward: A really perfect Child Bathe Reward in fantastically designed combination set of 2 tremendous Comfortable one hundred% natural cotton swaddle for the child. The fashion designer field will upload to the enjoyment of gifting.
Made in India, 100 % natural muslin cotton swaddle.ECO FRIENDLY-considering the fact that comprised of natural cotton you’re going to be creating a contribution in saving the surroundings as smartly.
Stitched Corners- the blankets are smartly sewn from all 4 facets which is helping to withstand Frey and damaged seams

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