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Baby Trolley Organizer Second Child Stroller Pedal Adapter Twins Hitchhiker Auxiliary Trailer Kids Standing Plate Board Scooter


Attention: ONE WHEEL Model(including black wheel, blue wheel, pink wheel) not suitable for Yoyo/yoya/yuyu/vovo and similar small strollers; While 2 WHEELS Model suitable for 99% strollers, including yoyo/yoya/yuyu/vovo and similar small strollers.

Requirements for Stroller/Trolley/Cart

1. ONE WHEEL Model requests the stroller have a horizontal axis between rear wheels(the axis should be straight and round like pipes, not bent and irregular shape). If don't have a axis between rear wheels, then please choose the Universal 2 WHEELS Model.

2. ONE WHEEL Model requests the horizontal axis length more than 23 cm, the horizontal axis height from the ground suggests around 12-17cm. If not, please choose the Universal 2 WHEELS Model.

3. ONE WHEEL Model requests the diameter of rear wheel less than 2.5cm or circumference(the length of the outer diameter) of the horizontal axis less than 8cm! Otherwise, please choose the Universal 2 WHEELS Model.

5. If product arrived damaged in certain parts(sometimes transportation is violent and out of control), please contact us for sending new parts, don't open a dispute directly. Thanks.


Material: Eco-friendly PP+PU

Model: 2 Models. One Wheel With Seat(Detachable); 2 Wheels with Seat(Detachable).

Color: Pink Wheel, Blue Wheel, Black Wheel

Size: One Wheel Mode about 35x26cm/13.78inx10.24in; 2 Wheels model about 55x33x36cm.

Maximum Load Capacity: 25kg

Suitable Age: 3-7 years around

Package: 1 x Pedal. The pedal was not assembled before shipping, you can assemble and install it easily when received.

1. Unique connector fits most prams and strollers including umbrella style and concealed brake style prams.

2. With detachable seat , so kids can sit and stand on the pedal.

3. Storage strap is convenient for hanging up the pedal when not in use.

4. This product is very suitable for family with two kids(one seat/lay on the stroller, the other seat/stand on the pedal).

5. With this tool, no more crying and dissatisfication between kids, enjoying your time with kids when going out.

Sample Pictures




2 WHEELS Model:



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