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Baby Learning Silicone Spoon Fork Set cartoon Dinosaur Feeding Tableware Infant Feeding Accessories Kids Feeding training Set


100% silica gel material, environmentally friendly, no shrinkage, no deformation, industry first. Through a variety of environmental protection testing, good elasticity, mainly used to make silica gel daily necessities, silica gel tableware, etc., long service life, color and shape can be adjusted according to requirements.

1. Various colours are chosen, bright colours are made by vulcanization process. The production process is safe and hygienic, and it is made of imported food-grade silica gel. Compared with other products of the same kind, it is safer and more environmentally friendly.
2. Use 100% food-grade silica gel material; The product is easy to carry, easy to clean and keep bright forever.
3. The silica gel material used is very elastic; the product has good flexibility, is not easy to change shape, and is very firm.
4. High temperature (low temperature) resistance, the highest heat resistance can reach 230 C (the lowest cold resistance can reach – 40 C);
5. It has a longer service life than other materials; it is resistant to oil pollution, corrosion and microwave radiation.
Do not use boiling, microwave and other high-temperature sterilization methods for sterilization.
The small and soft silicone spoon is professionally designed for babies to adapt to the transition from a feeding bottle to a baby feeding spoon.
The soft round silicone spoon will not damage the sensitive gums of the baby.
It is non-toxic, tasteless, and does not contain chemical impurities, and can be disinfected in boiling water.
It is resistant to aging, does not stick to your hands, and the bottom of the long handle can reach the food can.
Specification: Fork: 8.4*4.2cm
spoon: 8.5*4.2cm
Material: Silicone.
Color: displayed as a picture.
Due to different computer resolutions, some color distortion may occur.
Due to different computer resolutions, size errors may occur.
Package Included:
1 * Baby feeding spoon. 1 *Baby feeding fork




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