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Baby Head Protector Baby Walking Head Protection Backpack Adjustable Toddlers Head Safety Pad pillow Cushion For 0-3Years Old


【Baby Walker Head Protection】Effectively relieve the impact and prevent the baby from being injured.

【Soft and Breathable】 Thickened PP cotton filling and mesh air hole shell.

[High-elasticity and light weight] When learning to walk, run, and crawl, there is no pressure on the baby's shoulders.

【Adjustable Shoulder Straps】The shoulder and chest straps are suitable for babies of different sizes.

【Package Included】1 Head Pad + 4 Knee Pads.

【Safety】Babies fall easily and hurt their head and shoulders while learning to walk, run and crawl, this cute little protective wing will help you protect your child.

【Soft Material】The filling is made of high-quality down cotton, which is breathable, has good resilience and cushioning effect, and is very breathable and durable. Safe for infants and young children.

【Lightweight】It is very light and does not put any pressure on your baby's shoulders. And the cute appearance makes your baby a bright spot wherever he goes.

【Adjustable Shoulder Straps】For your baby's comfort, the chest strap can be easily adjusted according to your baby's needs. Suitable for babies of all sizes. More comfortable and non-slip, because this newly upgraded strap is thicker and wider than regular straps

【Great gift for baby】It is the best gift for sitting/walking learning baby/toddler. Suitable for babies over 4 months



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