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1pc 6 Colors Baby Mini Products Pacifiers Food Grade Liquid Silicone Baby Teether Toys Simulation Pacifiers For Baby Care Feed




1. The simulated baby pacifier, imitating the texture of breast milk, can give the baby a sense of satisfaction of breast milk, and more mother’s taste.

2. There is a large grip on the baby’s pacifier, which is convenient for the baby to grasp.

3. The nipple is made of food-grade liquid silicone, which is safe and resistant to biting, can play and , train grasping, and soothe teeth.

4. The baby pacifier can be used together with the pacifier chain.

5. Intimately designed with double vents on both sides of the pacifier, allowing air to flow in and out freely. Breathing smoothly, long-term inhalation is not sultry, not red mouth, so that babies love to breathe more.

6. It can be sterilized with high-temperature water to complete 360-degree cleaning, and it will be cleaned after one wash.


product information

Product name: simulation baby pacifier, simulation pacifier teether toy, baby pacifier 

Product material: food grade liquid silicone

certified product:


GB4806.1 “National Food Safety Standard General Safety Requirements for Food Contact Materials and Products”

GB9685 “National Food Safety Standard for the Use of Additives for Food Contact Materials and Products”

Cleaning method After use, it should be washed and stored in a clean, dry place from direct sunlight.

Product color: light gray, marshmallow pink, cool blue, paradise green, vanilla, deep sea blue, more colors can be customized

Size/Capacity: 60*46*61mm

Product Weight: Pacifier: 16g Packaging: 19.5g

Product selling points:

1. The artificial pacifier is full of flexibility; it can bring the satisfaction of breastfeeding to the baby.

2. The larger grip ring makes it easier for babies to grasp.

3. No sharp corner design, soft and comfortable, care for the baby’s skin.

Package Included:




1. Do not expose to the sun for a long time

2. Keep away from high-temperature fire sources



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